The Hive - the powerful, central deals store

The Hive benefits:

  • Receives, extracts, and unifies the data on thousands of deals every day, so you don’t have to
  • Configurable, fully managed, and proactively monitored
  • Saving you and your customers both time and money

  • Multiple market view: mobile, home comms, device recycling, held in a consistent format, in a single location
  • Always available – zero downtime even during updates
  • The very latest deals, updated in real-time

Our powerful, central deals stores, The Hive, comprises of three modular components: the Ingestors; the deals store, 'Celsus'; and the Deals API. The ‘Ingestors’ take comprehensive, real-time, complex, deals data in vast quantities from affiliates, providers, and recyclers across the market. It cleans and extracts all the relevant information, and pushes it into a single, central deals store, ‘Celsus’. This data is then exposed via a highly scalable Deals API, delivering data in your preferred format to display to your customers.

The Hive allows you to give your customers quick and easy access to the very latest, most comprehensive deals on the market. Leaving your business free to innovate.

The Hive is comprised of three components: the ingestors, Celsus and the deals API



Ingestors, like all of our proprietary platforms, are cloud-based and horizontally scalable. They are extremely resilient, coping with multiple live, continually changing data feeds, in a wide range, and quality of, formats.

  • Home comms ingestor: home communications feeds are received directly from providers based on our significant wealth of connections and experience
  • Recycling ingestor: using feeds built by providers to our own specifications
  • Mobile ingestor: receives feeds from 16+ affiliates comprising of thousands of deals combinations

Our three custom ingestors: Home Comms, Mobile and Recycling, extract raw data from the provider feeds, transform it into the required format, then push this crunched data into a single, powerful deals store, ‘Celsus’ which holds deals data from across all three markets.


Celsus - the deals store

Celsus unifies, de-duplicates and organises deals data (comprising of all non-exclusive deals currently on the market) from the ingestors, enabling us, and our partners, to provide fully customisable, structured, deals information. This allows customers to quickly and easily compare their options and make a decision via the Deals API on your website - seamlessly as a fully managed service.


Deals API

The deals API delivers all of the available deals in code, plus data generated by The Hive, and gives you the option to customise the information that your customers see and how it is displayed.

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