Our Products

We specialise in building price comparison technology that works for you.

Our white-label solutions are flexible and customisable and come with the power (and brand, if you want) of MONY Group. We also offer API and affiliate programmes for certain products.

Decision Tech is here to bring MoneySuperMarket's comparison platform to partners and we are experts in integration, testing and support. We are a one-stop shop for bringing price comparison closer to your customers - offering a wide range of solutions, from white labels to API to affiliate deals, across a huge range of verticals.


Our platform, your customers

Decision Tech is powered by MoneySuperMarket's market-leading offers, exclusive deals and pricing - built on a foundation of reliable, innovative technology. Our constant innovations and optimisations of the platform mean we've developed a mobile-first view to ensure the very best user experience. That's why we're the chosen partner for many household brands.


Unrivalled relationships with providers

Decision Tech is a one-stop shop for white-label comparison services. We build the solution for you, freeing up your tech team to focus on in-house priorities. Not only do our bespoke, branded white-label comparisons return customer-specific results, but our solutions are geared towards conversions - we help your customers find the best deals and help you earn more.


Harness the brand power of MoneySuperMarket

MoneySuperMarket is a trusted, household brand and as part of MONY Group, Decision Tech offers the option to use MoneySuperMarket branding in the customer journey, reinforcing trust in your customers. The white-label partnership also gives you access to market-leading deals with a huge range of providers across 10 markets. Because we operate at scale, we can leverage the MoneySuperMarket platform to offer our B2B partners access to the same strong pricing and product breadth that our B2C channel has to offer, including the exclusive offers that our commercial teams have secured.


APIs and affiliate programmes

We offer price comparison API integrations for our Home Services products, giving you the flexibility to create your own journey built on the same platform as our white labels. Additionally, we have MoneySuperMarket affiliate programmes for an even faster route to market.


Effective customer-led solutions

Our journeys are engineered with customers front of mind, giving them all the information they need to make fast, informed decisions through our white-label price comparison tools. We incentivise conversions in the moment and include robust CRM follow-ups for incomplete sales journeys and future renewals. Advanced filtering lets customers quickly find the deals they are looking for.

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Dedicated account management

Our partner team is here to help you succeed. Dedicated account managers work to understand how you can get the most out of our price comparison white label solutions. Decision Tech's expert support can help you gain a greater understanding of the market, customise your offering to fit your customers' needs and help improve your sales metrics.

Analytics at your fingertips

Our white-label solutions give you access to real-time, customer-level analytics and MI reporting to help you understand your performance, measure success at a glance and fine-tune your user experience to optimise for sales.


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