Our Products

Our products

We know that data is a seriously valuable asset, and unlocking the information it contains is at the heart of delivering a great service to our customers.

We design, build and utilise cloud-based, scalable, modular, microservice components – smart tech - to track, collect and analyse an enormous number of data points, giving us, and other businesses, insight on the entire purchasing process.

We can learn about what our customers are looking for, and why, and gain knowledge regarding the decision-making patterns followed.

Coupled with the wealth of product and price data we receive from providers and companies both current and historic, our data architecture allows businesses the opportunity to identify valuable marketing, commercial, and customer trends. This critical data intelligence gives us - and our partners - the opportunity to make faster and smarter decisions for our businesses motivated by customer satisfaction and product monetisation.

Our microservices

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• Scalable • Modular • Cloud-based

Our Service Oriented Architecture allows our partners to pick and choose some, or all, of the modules according to the specific requirements of their business, without losing the functionality of any of the components and will work seamlessly with your other business systems.

The Hive

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The powerful, central pricing data and deals store

Cloud-based and horizontally scalable components receive real-time information on thousands of deals from across the market. The Hive fetches, extracts, and cleans all marketplace deals data from multiple sources before combining this into one single accurate set of data.

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The one stop sales and data interface

Fullsight automatically pulls in real-time sales and revenue data from your affiliate network and unifies the data in a single interface eliminating hours of manual reporting time.

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Availability Checker

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The hub for all home communications deals

The service matches our comprehensive deals database of the latest home comms packages and services to their availability for any given postcode and the broadband speed data a customer could expect to receive.

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Celsus Results

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The results sorting and filtering system

Celsus Results is a highly customisable, optimisable, responsive system that displays bespoke deals data taken from The Hive - our Deals Store - and our Availability Checker to customers on your site.


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Optimising your customer communications in quick time

By scouring all of our systems for data relating to an individual customer - from site interactions and behaviour, to sales data and customer details - Freud can intelligently build a profile for every one of your users.

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