Our Markets

We offer leading comparison services across a wide range of markets.

MONY Group contains some of the UK's most recognised consumer brands - As the Group's dedicated and specialist B2B arm, Decision Tech's mission is to make this comparison expertise available to our partners covering 10 distinct markets.

We work with hundreds of providers across a range of verticals, meaning users have access to market-leading deals (many exclusive to us). Our pricing and offers are updated daily so your customers will always get access to the latest prices, and our innovative technology is geared towards achieving the highest conversion potential in each vertical.

Car Insurance

The car insurance switching market is worth north of £12bn annually with over two-thirds of motorists shopping around. MoneySuperMarket is a top trusted PCW in this vertical with strong conversion rates. Decision Tech's car insurance white label leverages MSMG's market depth, offering light-touch integration for partners who want to tap into this market. Our constantly optimised and tested CRM package reduces leakage and encourages renewals via your platform.


Home Insurance

The home insurance comparison sector is growing rapidly, with two-thirds of people looking for deals via price comparison websites and one in four of them opting out of auto-renewal with their current providers. MoneySuperMarket maintains relationships with all the major insurers - plus dozens of secondary insurance brands - so Decision Tech can cater for a wide range of customers. Our slick user journey offers pre-population of customer data for a frictionless experience, plus our CRM suite improves customer lifetime value and boosts revenue.

Travel Insurance

Travellers are increasing post-pandemic, and more travellers are seeing travel insurance as a necessity, with millions of policies bought through our platform and partner network. Decision Tech's white-label platform seamlessly allows customers to enter pre-existing medical conditions and includes generous minimum cover requirements to promote trust. Our travel insurance CRM suite helps maintain customer loyalty and reminds customers which policies they were browsing in the case of an incomplete sales journey.


Pet Insurance

With pet ownership at record levels, customers are understandably looking for competitive deals on pet insurance. Talk to us about how we can help your customers save money on future premiums.


Decision Tech is a leading player in the £500m+ home communications price comparison switching market, offering a huge range of deals with results tailored to customer preference and based on provider-level availability data. Our white-label solution for this market is finely tuned to allow partners to leverage this pedigree performance. It includes detailed breakdowns of costs, usage and speeds, so users can compare deals at a glance. Our UI is geared towards giving the customer a 360-degree view of the deal and encourages conversion on the first visit and our market-leading technology is constantly being iterated and tested to ensure a best-in-class comparison experience.



Our mobile price comparison service allows customers to search details by the exact handset they want to use or to compare SIM-only deals. The clean, mobile-first UX includes filters so customers can quickly find the right deal for their needs. The best deals are then presented intuitively alongside exclusive elements such as free delivery and social media minutes. Prominent calls to action within the platform encourage conversion.


Energy bills are a major household cost and customers are always looking for ways to keep costs down. Decision Tech's white-label energy price comparison solution is an end-to-end fulfilment journey. The user journey supports data pre-population, making it a frictionless experience. Our clear UI shows accurate personalised data and allows direct comparisons with the customer's existing tariff - real-world savings at a glance.  Our sophisticated CRM can follow up with emails for quotes, basket actions, success and renewal, bolstering sales.



We have several affiliate journeys via MoneySuperMarket helping customers to find the right credit cards or loans for them.