Our Office


An office to envy

It's really important to us to have an office where people love to be. From a lunchtime game of pool, to a relaxing shoulder massage courtesy of our visiting masseuse, to a free breakfast in our break-out area, we think great staff deserve a great space to work and hang out.

The Perks

We like to look after our team, keeping minds, bodies, souls, and Playstation addictions well taken care of with a range of great perks

Brekkie, it’s on us

We understand the need to maximise your time under the duvet in the morning. So we provide free breakfast every morning for our team - we can’t take responsibility for what working here may do to your waistline, but if you really go to town on the breakfast carbs you may be glad of our next perk...

Subsidised gym membership

Ah, the yin to the breakfast yang. We want our team to live long and prosper...or something less vulcan, so we are happy to contribute towards the cost of your gym membership, whether you go, or not!


And for those of you who overdid it on the cross-trainer or in a particularly enthusiastic meeting, you can book in with our visiting masseur who is in the office once a month. Bliss.

Free Fruit

Delivered to the office twice a week so, grab a banana or two to keep you going throughout the day (not just bananas, although they are lovely, other fruits are available)

Cycle to work scheme

If you want to cycle to work and don’t want to Boris Bike it, we can help you with the upfront cost of buying a bike. You pay us back via your monthly salary making it a tax-effective way to pay. We also have secure bike racks in the basement so no scoundrel will do a runner with your bike while you are working.

Season Ticket Loan

We can buy your annual travel pass for you and you just pay us back via your salary. This saves you money and more importantly, you don’t have to face the line of tutters behind you when you get to the barrier and find your Oyster card has run out.

Referral Bonus

You’ll love working here, so don’t keep it a secret. If you introduce one of your friends to work with us and they are successful, we’ll give you a referral bonus of £5,000. Keep it for yourself, or share it with your friend, it’s up to you.


We love the smell of fresh coffee in the morning and we aren’t talking an instant jar abomination - only the freshly ground bean-to-cup does it for the Decision Tech crew so we have a swanky coffee machine and a constant supply of top notch beans available for whenever you need your caffeine fix.


We have a programme of fascinating speakers lined up to come and regale our team on a variety of subjects both related to our work and utterly irrelevant at times too, but always highly entertaining never-the-less.

Get kitted up

We give everyone who works here their own laptop, so you won’t be tied to your desk.

Pension Contribution

We match your contribution, up to 3% of your salary.

Childcare Vouchers

We offer the option to get a portion of your salary paid via tax-efficient childcare vouchers - a little perk to anyone footing nursery bills.

Get your game on

We’ve got PS4 in our breakout area for a before, during or after-work, just don’t fight over the consoles.

Quench your thirst

And if you aren’t a hot drink fan, we also have a fridge full of fruit juice and fizzy drinks for you to raid.


Sweets...je t’adore! We have a steady supply of pick n mix treats on the go most of the time. Current selection: rhubarb and custard, lemon sherbets, fried eggs and Percy Pigs (vegetarian). All sweet suggestions will be considered (except Parma Violets - who actually likes those?), so if you have a favourite, let us know.

Culture club

Love the flicks? A bit of a culture vulture? We pay for the team to go to the cinema, or to other cultural experiences once a month

Holborn - or mid-town as the marketeers like to call it - is an amazing place to be located.

There’s the practical stuff: being easy to get to from most bits of London and the ‘burbs. We are right on the Central and Piccadilly lines and just a short walk from several overground rail links so your commute will be kept to a minimum. But there is also the downright awesome, extra stuff, like the sheer volume of eateries, bars, pubs, gyms, shops and general entertainment to be found on our doorstep.

From Holborn you can reach Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Exmouth Market, Bloomsbury and Farringdon all within a short stroll.

For after work life: we are near to a range of further education facilities offering great value evening courses - pottery, languages, photography - whatever floats your boat. Or, if that’s a bit keen, it’s a safe bet that you’ll find some colleagues happy to head out for a pint in one of the multitude of locals.

And if you are out for the night we’re just a few stops from the bars and clubs of Shoreditch, Kings Cross and Camden.

Life’s admin can also be dealt with during your lunch hour with banks, a post office, chemists, cobblers, dry cleaners and supermarkets, all within seconds of the office.

And if you prefer to unwind during your lunch break - there are a load of lovely squares and gardens in the area when you can find a patch, eat your lunch al fresco, and feel a million miles from the heart of London.