How we work


We like to think the way we work at Decision Tech is what sets us apart from other companies

At Decision Tech we are passionate about finding the right technical solutions for our customers.


Raising our game

We are never ‘finished’ with a product. Although we are always pushing forward, we continue to improve upon our existing products. We thirst for feedback that helps us eliminate problems in code and performance, and improve the front and back ends of our sites.

New product development

We are ambitious. We are constantly seeking to pioneer new websites and features in order to support our plans for growth and to diversify our proposition. We build and test several new ideas every year, from inception to delivery which means we operate at a fast pace and have a rapid learning cycle.

What we can do for your business

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Core competencies

Where we are headed

Our talented and specialist team is focused on the following exciting projects: 

Launching new products

We want to launch new products on our flexible and powerful platform. Our product development team comes with enormous talent and extensive experience, with the advantage of working with enterprise software and project management processes.

Building brands

We have successfully built brands utilising digital advertising, PR, SEO, content marketing, and social media. In addition to our grassroots brands, we have acquired existing brands such as, and which our team will develop and grow within the Decision Tech portfolio. We have an entrepreneurial spirit, giving the potential for further acquisitions in the future where this aligns with our strategic direction.

Data, data, data

We are investing heavily in our data infrastructure as we believe this lies at the heart of building highly personalised relationships with our customers, ultimately delivering a first class customer experience on our websites, and a higher quality customer match to our clients.