Work at Decision Tech


We ‘hate’ to blow our own trumpet, but we have an awesome team of staff. Smart, ambitious, fun and a diverse bunch with an enormous range of interests. We’d be nuts not to want to hang on to them as long as we can, so we offer loads of extras on top of your initial package.

Develop yourself

Soaking up the talent

Our team are seriously experienced people, we use team coaching to make sure that everyone benefits from the disgusting amount of talent there is floating around our office.

Hitting the ground running

No-one at Decision Tech has time for boredom. From day one you will be fully immersed in the job - whether it’s producing great code, great content, or great deals for our customers.

Latest development techniques

We are all about the tech, which is why we pride ourselves on using the very latest development techniques and methods.

Promote from within

We truly value great staff members and hate losing them to our competitors. Wherever possible we aim to promote from within our existing team to allow exceptional people to take that next step up the career ladder.