broadbandchoices, the first and largest brand in the Decision Tech portfolio, is a home communications and entertainment comparison service that connects customers with the best packages for their specific requirements

Built on our powerful proprietary platform, broadbandchoices has been the UK’s largest Ofcom accredited broadband comparison service since 2008, and has been trading since 2005.


The numbers...

  • broadbandchoices has 1million unique visitors per month
  • Almost 1million people have already found a better deal on their home entertainment and communications packages via broadbandchoices
  • We have over 175,000 package combinations available to compare via our home communications and mobile deals platform at any one time


Comms is a complex and changeable market. With the rise of convergence in recent years allowing customers to combine their broadband, TV, home phone and mobile services through a single provider, and the regular appearance of market disrupters, such as 4G and BT Sport, it can be hard for customers to know what is out there for them.

We aim to help our customers to understand the comms market every bit as well as we do, so our site also carries a wealth of excellent editorial and video content.


According to Ofcom 19% of UK homes switch their broadband every year. However, the enormous range of options can make selecting a new package feel more complicated than ever. Which is why, at, we make it our business to help our customers find and choose from a range of the best deals on the market.

With more and more people switching, and increasing spend via price comparison sites by the major telecoms companies, we anticipate great opportunities ahead.

Traffic model

Our visitor traffic comes via a well-distributed model which includes organic, social, PPC, and our brand campaigns. We anticipate major growth continuing to come from brand, digital advertising and customer relationship management which are all currently key areas of investment.

Remarketing and cross-sell

Data, data, data - we obsess about it. Collecting it, analysing it and making it work for us. It helps us to ensure our customers get a comprehensive experience, re-activating original user journeys that weren’t completed, and through cross-sell of suitable new products.