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Decision Tech partners with to provide new energy switching service
July 2, 2019
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Yolt partnership will shake up the energy price comparison market

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Here at Decision Tech, we love to position ourselves at the cutting edge of the industry. So partnering with Yolt - a groundbreaking money app which has attracted over half a million users since it’s UK launch in 2017 - feels like an opportunity to break new ground in the energy market.

Switching should be quick, easy and convenient. So as part of our ongoing strategy within the Moneysupermarket Group, we are taking next-generation price comparison to users via the various apps they regularly use on their mobiles.

Decision Tech is integrating our successful switching platform to the Yolt app enabling its users to directly access our market-leading technology and expertise - while enjoying the collective benefits and reassurance of a big switching partner like MoneySuperMarket - to find better energy deals.

What is Yolt?

Yolt is a money app built to give everyone the power to be smart with their money. Using cutting-edge technology, Yolt provides an overview of your bank accounts. Smart insights enable users to track their finances and manage their overall spending. You can see how much you’re spending on socialising, on travel or even on your holidays. Which then enables you to manage your money better by setting budgets, monitoring your subscriptions or looking for better energy deals - all within one app.

Combining the strength and reassurance of being rooted in mainstream banking but the agility of future-forward fintech. Yolt is an exciting evolution of online banking.

Decision Tech’s API platform:

Decision Tech’s partner API allows Yolt users to complete the entire end-to-end switching journey within the Yolt app ensuring a seamless user experience and improved conversion rates for Yolt. Existing switching services generally redirect users to a separate website during the process, breaking up the user journey and often resulting in a disjointed online experience for customers - no-one enjoys having to enter the same data repeatedly in a single user journey. Our partner API eliminates all of that bringing a speed and convenience to energy switching that will result in many more people changing deals and saving themselves money on their bills.

Michael Phillips, Decision Tech CEO says: “We know that customers are far more likely to switch and save money if it is made easy and convenient. So installing our money-saving price comparison technology within the apps that people use daily, like Yolt’s game-changing banking app, means switching to a better energy deal has never been simpler. Partners across the industry are already using our API to create a flawless switching experience for their users, and we are excited to welcome exciting new partners, like Yolt, in the coming year.”

Our energy switching technology will be available via the Yolt app from March 2019.

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