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Dear recruiters,

Thanks so much for checking out our vacancies page. While we do work with recruitment agencies, and appreciate all the amazing staff they have helped us to find, we are VERY particular about who we work with.

Here are our rules, and while we like to break the rules as much as the next revolutionary business, there will be no deviating from THESE rules...none:

Rule 1: We are entirely pro-active in our agency selection - every single agency and person we work with is either already known to us, or someone who comes with a personal introduction from people we know and trust.

Rule 2: To say we are not fans of receiving cold calls from people who have disregarded rule 1 is an understatement. You can email us, and we promise we’ll read it, but….

Rule 3: If you have emailed us, and we are interested, we'll certainly be in touch. If you don't hear back, then on this occasion our paths will not be crossing.

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