is the UK’s most used price comparison site for selling new, used and broken mobile phones.

Decision Tech acquired in 2016 as part of our long-term strategy to grow our portfolio of consumer facing brands, to develop new products, and increase cross sales opportunities is part of Decision Tech’s portfolio of mobile comparison services.

This comprehensive portfolio offers a complete decision-making service for customers looking to recycle a mobile or to sell a tablet - with the option to search by brand and model for the best deals available.

The mobile phone recycling market represents a significant growth opportunity for Decision Tech.

On average, UK consumers have one and half unused smartphones in their homes. That’s an estimated 80 million handsets, with a jaw-dropping total value somewhere in the ball-park of £12billion. Yes, TWELVE BILLION POUNDS just hanging around in our kitchen drawers. makes it possible for you to turn those unused phones into cold, hard cash in your pocket.’s existing client relationships, visitor base, and profitability made it a great fit for the Decision Tech portfolio

Our planned investment in further development of’s product and marketing will enable us to make the most of this opportunity. It will significantly expand the reach of mobile phone recycling and help millions more people save money by recycling their unused mobile phones.

In addition, allows us to expand customer and merchant data collection so we can improve the user experience while providing timely and relevant cross-sales opportunities

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Big data also has a wealth of data relating to new, used and broken smart phone pricing, depreciation trends, current market value and consumer handset trade-in patterns. We actively productise and add intelligence to this data in order to harness its full potential and provide valuable insight for partner manufacturers, retailers, and insurance companies.

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