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Yolt partnership will shake up the energy price comparison market
February 15, 2019
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Decision Tech partners with Confused.com to provide new energy switching service

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We are super pleased to announce that we have partnered up with Confused.com to provide its energy comparison and switching service. Confused.com is the first brand to partner with Decision Tech in both the energy and broadband sectors, adding our exciting new energy platform to the successful broadband switching partnership that our companies have maintained since 2006. This partnership comes hot on the heels of the smart-thinking money app, Yolt, joining our energy platform earlier this year.

Not only this, but Confused.com has also lengthened its existing broadband and mobile contract as part of a joint strategic development to extend our relationship across multiple verticals. Offering dual partnership platforms makes it even simpler and more convenient for Confused.com customers to save money by switching their energy, broadband and mobile deals.

Decision Tech’s Strategic Partnerships Director, Jonty Mogford, said: “We are excited to announce that the long-term partnership we have enjoyed with Confused.com has expanded to include our energy platform. The ‘mobile first’, user-led design of our energy platform allows our partners to enjoy the increased customer conversion rates that, we know, come from making the switching process as quick, convenient and simple as possible. Extending our partnership is a testimony to the success and quality of the broadband switching service that Confused.com has provided for its customers through our platform for over a decade.”

Our energy switching service is offered via telephone sign-up or through our white label platform which has kept user-experience at the heart of the design process to deliver a truly intuitive customer journey - enabling users to find, and easily sign-up to, the very best deals for them.

Confused.com’s CEO, Louise O’Shea, said: “When Confused.com founded our sector 17 years ago, we wanted to make buying financial products less of a headache while at the same time giving people more choice.

“Partnerships with other fintechs like Decision Tech allow us to do exactly that. Now we’re able to give people much more choice by increasing the number of energy providers to almost 40. Our teams will be working together to create an ever-more seamless experience and ensure people come back to us time and again when choosing an energy supplier.”

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