Getting social

Enjoying who we work with is a big part of life here at Decision Tech.

Our team is a diverse bunch and we try to indulge as many social interests as we can, both in and out of the office.

We love the fun stuff!

Social start-up

We’re a social little lot, and if a particular activity floats your boat and you can persuade the rest of the team to join you doing it, you can apply for a contribution from the social budget.


A silent office is just not our cup of tea. We love to hear people interacting. It might be about work, it might not, but it’s all good. We also like to have tunes playing in the office. A bit of the Chemical Brothers, or something classical, maybe a dash of Louis Armstrong and we may even admit to allowing some crimes against music to make it onto the playlist - we’re pretty eclectic, and who doesn’t love The Pogues at Christmas??


We have a five-a-side social one lunchtime each week, we pay for the pitch and you can take a longer lunch hour to celebrate/shower/assume the recovery position (delete as applicable). Participation not obligatory!

Running club

Have a jog around central London with a bunch of your colleagues twice a week. Whether you’re a finely honed athlete, or struggle to maintain a conversation anything more than 100m into a run, there’ll be others at a similar level.


We love a ‘do’ and have great Christmas and summer parties every year which have included quizzes, bowling, softball, and a taxi treasure hunt around London, all of which come with copious food and drinks.

Monthly mingle

Every month we host an afternoon team social so you can eat, drink and chat. If the weather is good this is up on the roof terrace, always involves some tunes, and occasionally the odd game.

Getting your game on

Our office is a bit like you might have wished your office to be as a kid (minus the slide to replace the stairs). The pool table is always in use, the Playstation has four controllers for some intense lunchtime Fifa competition, there are playlists galore for our wifi speaker system, we have reconditioned arcade machines, a shelf-full of pick n mix, a fridge loaded with soft drinks and an awesome bean-to-cup coffee machine - ok, that part is more for the grown-ups.

Office twins

It's hard to tell whether this lot all dressed alike before they started working together, or if we have just spent too much time living with the clothing choices of our colleagues, but we've started to notice that our team are rapidly morphing into one another.

Look out though, if your sartorial matches come to our attention you may find yourselves taking the top spot on our Office Twins board.