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Fullsight, the complete sales and data service for the affiliate industry

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We are delighted to announce the launch of Fullsight, our new SaaS product that will give 1 million work hours back to the affiliate industry over the next 5 years.

Fullsight was built in-house to solve a problem faced by broadbandchoices, one of Decision Tech’s consumer-facing brands. As a price comparison site, broadbandchoices’s commercial model is based entirely on affiliate sales tracked by multiple affiliate networks. Tracking all sales back to customers, and to marketing sources was a time intensive task, draining hours of staff time each week and limiting site optimisation and market improvements.

Fullsight was developed to bring all relevant sales data into a single place, removing hours of work and reporting for the user. Fullsight works with most major affiliate networks, taking sales data from multiple accounts, stitching this back to each individual user, and passing this data back into publisher’s analytics platform – giving publishers all of their data in one place. By allowing instant visibility on revenue, granular performance on content and articles, the publisher can see exactly what posts, deals and content are creating revenue right down to individual user level, instead of just the basics on what sales have been made and to what value. This means channels can be optimised against real data without resorting to goals-based assumptions.
Following months of intensive development, broadbandchoices has now been using Fullsight for almost a year – in that year an estimated 900+ man-hours have been saved from reporting, SEO conversions have increased by 17% and paid search is now managed automatically to margin.
The challenge with reporting affiliate sales back to site, and back to traffic source, is by no means unique to, and affects a large percentage of the affiliate industry – an industry worth over a billion pounds, and representing over 1% of UK GDP. By launching Fullsight to the market, Decision Tech hopes to bring similar transformational benefits to other business in the space.
Dominic Baliszewski, Head of new ventures at Decision Tech says: “Fullsight is a hugely exciting project to be driving forward, it’s totally transformed how the family of Decision Tech brands approach marketing and optimisation, delivering a better experience for users and resulting in record commercial outcomes. “We know that there are a huge number of other businesses in the affiliate space that are facing similar challenges and are looking forward to introducing them to Fullsight. “A number of our partners are already benefiting from our technology and we are focused on bringing this solution to many more. We’ve tasked ourselves with giving back 1,000,000 hours of time that is currently being wasted on reporting to affiliate publishers over the next five years. Fullsight is a solution that works, built by affiliate publishers, for publishers.”
Michael Phillips, CEO for Decision Tech, commented; “The launch of Fullsight at this year’s PI Live demonstrates our firm commitment to grow into SaaS and data markets. We have a heritage of building innovative technical solutions to help consumers and partner, it’s a logical step that we are pivoting our tech solutions to help other businesses thrive.”
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