Celsus Results

Celsus Results benefits

  • Bespoke white label solution
  • Highly accurate, comprehensive deals data

  • Customisable display for a dynamic and engaging user experience
  • Fast data manipulation client side for immediate results

Celsus Results is a modular system which handles all of the raw data relating to every deal held in Celsus for a given, single, postcode search, including: the number of TV channels, month by month costs, sports services included, cashback offers, and dozens of other details available to select for your chosen feature set.

Decision Tech uses this raw data to offer bespoke White Label solutions to partners for use on their own websites. The system is responsive and highly accurate. We are able to change the look and feel of the components according to the needs of our partners, and we can fully customise the way that packages are calculated and displayed, giving you a high degree of flexibility.

All of the data manipulation for Celsus Results occurs on the client-side browser so search results are immediate. Decision Tech carry out a high level of UX/UI in order to create a dynamic and engaging comparison experience for your users.

Get in touch to discuss how our optimisable, highly customisable, responsive technology, Celsus Results can help your business to deliver deals data to your customers.

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