Availability Checker

Availability Checker benefits

  • Very latest home communications deals
  • Complete UK postcode coverage
  • Guaranteed and unbeatable accuracy

  • Lightning fast lookup speeds
  • Includes average speed data to help customer decision-making
  • Scalable and cloud-based

Our availability checker shows all the very latest deals for home comms services - ADSL, Fibre to the Cabinet, Fibre to the Property - and associated products available in any given postcode from the 1.8million in the UK.

Accessed via an API, our availability checker allows you to give your customers all the latest home comms deals at lightning fast lookup speeds.

Our data feeds are pulled directly from providers and OFCOM which gives us a guaranteed - and unbeatable - degree of results accuracy and means we are able to benchmark our data against others on the market to demonstrate this. It also allows us access to other stats such as the number of new exchanges, number of new builds, number of postcodes, and more.

We have incorporated average speed data to the availability checker (based on OFCOM data) to help inform the decision-making process for your customers. Our deals information is kept up-to-date within a maximum 30-day window, typically 15 days. The availability checker can also be used as a standalone product on your site, in isolation from The Hive, for partners looking for home comms deals only. The availability checker is suitable for major brands and consumer champions as, like all of our products, it is scalable and cloud-based, so it can handle TV-burst traffic and spikes resulting from major PR campaigns.

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