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Love your job, take your knowledge to the next level, build great code, and enjoy every minute of it

When you work for Decision Tech you aren’t just another passenger on the mundane 9-5 career train. Embracing the latest and most productive working methods really does it for us, and we are all passionate about creating a fun, inspirational, revolutionary, high achieving environment for a talented tech team who want to really love what they do. Our tech is at the centre of the Decision Tech universe, and ambition and innovative thinking thrives here.


Our Tech Big Three


The Technology

Our core tech stack is C#.NET and MVC.NET. We have an in-house Design Team and Product Owners. Our team have experience in microservices, Angular, HTML5, github, NoSQL: and ruby on rails, plus, we use feature driven development with TDD and BDD to product cutting edge web applications.


“We have tried just about every agile methodology out there, from rigorous scrum to totally self-organising development anarchy. We embrace our software process not just as a department but as a company. We found that using a LEAN methodology with Kanban tracking worked best for all of us. This helps keep our Devs focused on the solution and gives them the space to get stuff done, without getting hung up on process.”

Alex - Tech Lead

“I never fail to be impressed by the calibre of our tech team. The variety of experience means there is no limit to the peer-to-peer personal development opportunities. Every day really is a school day here….but a cool school, with an endless supply of free sweets, great coffee and amazing tech.”

Michael, Decision Tech CEO

“What do you need to work here? I don’t think you NEED to be anything, this place gives you the freedom to be helps if you have a beard though judging by the tech team”

Ursula, UX Designer & Product Executive

“Each day is an adventure where everyone makes a difference and can influence where we go to next. I know the whole team has got my back and it feels great to be working with people I'd consider friends.”

Matt - Senior Developer

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